2014 UITF Welsh Open

On Saturday 15th February, MWTA members from the Thanet and Evesham Academies traveled to Wales to take part in the United ITF Welsh Open Championships.

The MWTA competitors ranged in age from 7 through to the adults, and from yellow belt through to 4th degree.  All members put in great performances and made a positive start to their competitive year.

The event was well supported and run with a nice atmousphere. 

Many thanks to Master Ian Lawes for inviting the members from Master Wolf’s Academies.

All members took part in Sparring, Patterns and also Special Technique events, and it was good experience and a great learning curve for all who took competed. 

Six of the MWTA competitors came away with 2 golds – Adam Boycott, Aysel Garip, Dominic Hill, Bradley Grant, Georgia Smith and Patrick O’Keeffe.

Many thanks to Mr Forbes England, Mr Ben England, Mr Craig Smith and Mrs Emma Smith for looking after the MWTA competitors through the day; and thanks to the parents who traveled to take their children to this event.

The next major tournament in the MWTA calendar, is the MWTA British Championships which in being held at the Winter Gardens in Margate, on 3rd May – click on the events page for details and downloads.



Ben England: Sparring – Bronze

Dan Owens: Sparring – Gold, Pattern – Bronze

Aaron Ewart: Sparring – Silver

Adam Boycott: Sparring – Gold, Pattern – Gold

Tom Owens: Sparring – Gold

Sam Kilminster: Sparring – Gold, Pattern – Silver

Jasmine Grant: Sparring – Silver, Pattern – Silver, Special Technique – Gold

Connor Smith: Sparring – Bronze, Pattern – Bronze

Aysel Garip: Sparring – Gold, Pattern – Gold

Dominic Hill: Sparring – Bronze, Pattern – Gold, Special Technique – Gold

Bradley Grant: Sparring – Gold, Pattern – Gold

Georgia Smith: Sparring – Gold, Pattern – Gold

Patrick O’Keeffe: Sparring – Gold, Pattern – Gold

Kevin Frith: Sparring – Gold, Pattern – Silver

Oliver Francis: Pattern – Silver

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