2013 U-ITF World Championships


Over the weekend of 2nd August, members of Master Wolf’s Taekwon-Do Academies (MWTA) took part in the U-ITF (United International Taekwon-Do Federation) World Championships, which was held in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. 


It was originally due to take place in Korea, but for various reasons the venue had to be changed.


The first few days encompassed the black belts World Championships and on the Sunday was the colour belt tournament. 


The tournament included competitors from across the globe, including strong teams from Japan, Ireland, Italy, Australia, Holland, USA, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa. 

The black belts showed amazing skill and athleticism taking part in the various events including sparring, patterns, special technique and power breaking, as well as team events in all of these disciplines. 


All Members of MWTA who took part did amazingly well and put in amazing performances, coming away with a haul of medals and World Titles, which was unparalleled!


Master Wolf, 8th degree has been teaching since 1976, as he said this was one of the most successful tournaments yet for MWTA.  He is extremely proud of all the members and all of the black belts and Instructors who helped in the preparation for this tournament.  A special mention and thanks to all of the instructors who prepared themselves, and their students so well for this event – Miss Lucy Wolf 6th degree, Mr Jamaine Hemmings 4th degree, Mr Richard Belle 4th degree, Mr Ben England, 4th degree, Mr Forbes England 4th degree, Miss Sally Gleaves 4th degree, Miss Charlotte Jones 3rd degree, Mr Duane Black 2nd degree and Mr Steve Morgan 1st degree, along with the assistant instructors and black belts of the Academies.


Special thanks to Mr Forbes England and Mrs Helene Cohen who Umpired at this event as well as many of the MWTA black belts who Umpired after their events were over.


Many of the black belt and higher-grade members are now preparing for the Kickboxing World Championships in Crete, which is being held in October.  We look forward to the results from that tournament.

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